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                                 I wish to congratulate you for your interest in the career in pharmacy.Pharmacy is relatively new and yet less known career branch as compares to common branches like engineering and medicine. The only pharmacy professionals who appear in action in front of common public is a community pharmacist or a chemist as is popularly known. in fact pharmacy offers wide of career paths for student with different inclination,like engineering,administration,medicine,research.A pharmacy graduate can show ability to manufacture and test best quality medicine by entering in to the Pharmaceutical Industires and contribute to the creation of formulations like injections,tablets,capsules etc. or creation of bulk chemicals which are the soul of Pharmaceutical formulation. The Pharmacy student with a flair for research can enter the pharmaceutical research field contributing to the health industry.The research fields open to a Pharmacy graduate are formulation and Novel Drug Delivery Systems,Pharmacology,Natural Products,Tissue Culture,Biotechnology,Clinical Research,Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients etc. The student with an aptitude for marketing have a great opportunity in pharmaceutical marketing,ehich is a highly specialized marketing with a wide variety of career paths. Those who have a humanity service inclination can join hospitals as Hospital pharmacists or become Community Pharmacists. In short the fiels of pharmacy offers a niche for every body joining the course,We at modern college of pharmacy try to judge the aptitude of every student and make on endeavor to train him/her in that direction.This has been our aim since our inception.We have developed our infrastructure accordingly.We have highly qualified and humane faculty with a strong conviction in student welfare and their overall development. I welcome you again to our institute....





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