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Vision & Mission



“to become centre of excellence of pharmacy education and research, to provide world class professionals & to serve humanity at large”


  1. To provide excellent educational environment with dedicated faculty for creating quality professionals in the field of pharmacy education, research, industry, hospital and other health related areas

Quality Policy

"Brighten up the world, with the flame of Love and standard education."
Give the best facilities available to the students.
* Impartial evaluation and assessment of the students in theory and Practicals.
* Not only imparting knowledge but also prepare technical experts with leadership qualities.
* Encourage active learning methods like Group discussions, Seminars, Peer interactions etc, which would enable students to develop discipline and leadership qualities.
* Design examinations with a view to assess not merely the knowledge but also practical and industrial skills, habits and values which are necessary for a pharmacy student to carry out the professional obligations competently





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